Diary of an Open Web Cheerleader

I’m a software engineer because I think it’s really cool that I can make computers do things using words. I’m a writer and a speaker because I think it’s really cool that I can make people do things using words.

My name’s Paddy Foran. I live in Brooklyn, New York. I write software, give talks, and am a huge fanboy of the Open Web and companies that support it.

I love ridiculous adventures, unique experiences, and good software. I try to measure whether something’s worth doing or not by whether or not it would make a good story, because I get bored easily.

I started the Gets By project because I think mental illness is something we should talk about.

My passion is for fulfilling experiences with products, and I strive to craft software that creates those experiences. My greatest fear is that a user will approach me and ask why my software made their life harder than it had to be, and I won’t have a good answer for them.

I’m friendly. I don’t bite. Feel free to say hi.